Denture Adhesive Helps Bond a Denture in Place

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Removable dental appliances such as a complete or partial denture are created to match the structure and contours of your gums. This helps your denture to fit firmly and comfortably in your mouth.

Some denture wearers also like to apply a small bead of denture adhesive to the base of the denture. This helps hold the denture in place and reduces the chances of food particles working their way in between the gums and the denture. If your denture feels loose during the day, you should can rinse your denture clean, dry it, and apply a fresh bead of adhesive.

When you take your denture out for the day, you should rinse away all traces of denture adhesive. Then, gently scrub your denture with a soft-bristled toothbrush and a little denture polish. You should place your denture in a soaking solution to keep it from losing its shape.

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