Our dentist and team at Nelson and Associates Frisco know how easy it is for poor oral hygiene habits to catch up teenagers. This period of life can be stressful, and many teenagers have a variety of social and extracurricular activities and commitments that occupy their time, which can make it difficult to remember to take care of their teeth.

To provide teenagers with better care and help them enjoy a healthy mouth, Dr. H Arthur Nelson has developed a specific approach to teen dentistry. Our goal is to help teenagers develop and apply proper oral hygiene habits before they can be negatively affected by improper oral health habits. By practicing good oral hygiene habits, a number of dental problems can be prevented from ever developing, including tooth decay and gum disease. This preventive care routine helps to ensure that your teenager will enjoy a lifetime of benefits from his or her healthy smile.

Dr. H Arthur Nelson and our team also work hard to help teenagers feel more comfortable in our office. We offer flexible office hours and scheduling to work with your teenager’s schedule and to make their appointment as easy and convenient as possible.

To learn more about teen dentistry in Frisco, Texas, and to schedule your teenager’s appointment, please call our office today at 972-712-9919.