Like all appliances, dentures eventually wear out or may break, causing you to need repairs. Our skilled Frisco dentist provides several types of denture repairs and maintenance to extend the life of your appliance and help you continue speaking and smiling with confidence and enjoying your favorite foods. We understand the importance of your dentures in your daily life, and we provide quick, high-quality repairs to get your appliance back into working condition as quickly as possible.

There are several types of denture repairs that we may perform, depending on the condition of your denture. These include:

  • Denture Reline – this type of repair involves resurfacing the side of your denture that is in contact with the soft tissues of your mouth to make your appliance fit more securely.
  • Denture Rebasing – if this type of repair is needed, our dentist will remake and replace the acrylic of your denture to ensure that your teeth remain in place.
  • Adjustments – dentures often need simple repairs and adjustments to remove and prevent sore spots, and to improve the overall fit of the denture.

There is absolutely no reason for you to endure broken or poorly-fitted dentures. Dr. H Arthur Nelson and our team are here to help you enjoy a comfortable, functional restoration and improve your quality of life. To make an appointment at Nelson and Associates Frisco, and to learn more about denture repairs in Frisco, Texas, please contact our practice at 972-712-9919.