Getting Rid of Your Bad Breath

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Is your bad breath getting you down? More importantly, is it getting other people down? If you have bad breath, you may not know it, and the people around you may be too polite to say anything. If the person who sits at the desk next to you would rather call you than turn around and talk to you, you might have bad breath. If your plants are dying because you talk to them, you might have bad breath. If your spouse won’t kiss you and they aren’t mad at you, it may be time to check your breath.

Sometimes, getting rid of bad breath may be a simple change in your diet. Certain foods can cause bad breath, such as garlic, and onion can lead to breath that can clear a room. If you smoke, drink a great deal of coffee, regularly use alcohol or illicit drugs, bad breath can be a result. So, it may be time to kick a few bad habits. If you have started a new diet, bad breath can be a side effect. If you have chronic bad breath, our dentist, Dr. H Arthur Nelson may want to talk with your primary care physician, since bad breath can be the result of kidney disease, diabetes, or respiratory or sinus problems. You may need to see your doctor in conjunction with your dentist.

On the other hand, you may just need to step it up a notch when it comes to your oral hygiene. If you aren’t brushing twice a day for two minutes at a time, flossing once a day and using a mouthwash recommended by your dentist, bacteria and food debris will build up in your mouth and on your teeth, and bad breath can become a problem. Poor oral hygiene habits can lead to tooth decay, gum disease and mouth sores, which are all culprits of bad breath.

If you can’t solve the problem of your bad breath in Frisco, Texas, and you are tired of chewing on mints, then it is time to schedule a visit at Nelson and Associates Frisco. Give us a call today at 972-712-9919, and we’ll help you plan your visit.