If You Have a Loose Dental Crown, Seek Dental Treatment Now

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Dental crowns are firmly cemented in place when provided by our team at Nelson and Associates Frisco; however, a dental crown could come loose if you develop gum disease or suffer a blow to the face or a hard fall. In the event of a loose dental crown, it’s important that you visit the dentist as soon as possible to have it treated and reduce any damage.

Some of the early signs of affected dental cement include minor dental pain when you bite down and a loose sensation in the dental crown. No matter the cause of a loose dental crown, we urge you to seek care from the dentist.

If you are unable to visit our office immediately, you can take some first aid steps to treat a loose dental crown at home to minimize the damage.

First, don’t wiggle or play with the loose crown, as even the slightest movements can damage the abutment significantly.

If you have any blood or debris around the crown as a result of a hard blow, rinse with lukewarm saltwater to remove particles and soothe any injured tissues. Leave all other cleaning attempts to the capable hands of Dr. H Arthur Nelson and our team.

When you visit our office, if Dr. H Arthur Nelson determines that the abutment is healthy, he be able to re-cement crown, but if the abutment if damaged, our dentist may need to provide root canal treatment to restore sufficient tooth structure to support a dental crown.

If you feel like your dental crown is loose, seek dental treatment as soon as possible. Call 972-712-9919 today to schedule a visit to Nelson and Associates Frisco with the dentist in Frisco, Texas.