Taking Time to Keep Your Toothbrush Sanitary

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Not many people think about keeping their toothbrush clean and sanitary. This is probably because they believe it doesn’t need it. After all, you rinse it every day with water, and toothpaste has some cleaning agents in it, doesn’t it? That is true to a degree. The same ingredients that fight bacteria in your mouth give your toothbrush some protection. But, what about other types of germs, viruses from illness, or molds from the fact that your toothbrush is wet most of the time? Below are some ideas about keeping your toothbrush sanitary.

Let’s start off by setting straight proper toothbrush etiquette. You should be using a soft-bristled toothbrush with a head small enough for you to reach all areas in your mouth—especially the back teeth.The average time it takes to wear out a good toothbrush is 3-4 months. You’ll know when you need a new one when the bristles are frayed enough that they do not stand up straight anymore.

Keep your toothbrush isolated helps to keep it sanitary. If you are storing it in a cup along with everybody else’s, you’re probably sharing all of your roommates bacteria, molds, viruses, and germs. Find another place for yours where it will not come in contact with another

Having said to keep your toothbrush isolated, it should be noted that putting it in a sealed container is also a bad idea. A wet toothbrush in an airtight container will only multiply whatever bacteria remains, and will encourage mold.

Wherever you keep your toothbrush, you must air it out after each use. Ensuring that it doesn’t stay wet all the time and has time to dry out will help to keep it sanitary. Store it upright and with the bristles exposed to the air. It can take up to 12 hours for a toothbrush to become dry again, so you might try keeping two toothbrushes at a time and switching from one to another each day.

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